Welcome my friends or soon to be friends

Overcomers 101 welcomes you on our journey to new heights.  Together we are going to experience many new things and I hope learn somethings along the way.  

Some of our Latest Post and Reviews

Planting the seeds for growth
You reap what you sow? What are you Planting Today? Water daily for proper growth Are you planting the...
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3 steps to better health
Where to begin? Steps to better health Every journey starts with taking the right steps.  So what are...
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Looking into our future
Time Where did the time go so quickly ? Wow the first week is already  gone  in 2018.  As we start looking...
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The mountains before us
2018 Resolutions, the mountains before us
2018 Making a difference changing lives Hello and welcome.  I am Roger and this my new blog for 2018....
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