Can the Coffee you purchase make a lasting Impact?

With a desire to impact the least of these, Life Wish Laos has introduced a World Class Specialty Coffee to the marketplace. People in Laos, the most bombed nation in history struggle to throw off the cycle of poverty. Coffee is one way out. It employs growers, pickers, processors and eventually roaster packagers and and shippers.

This effects many lives and in the process fights poverty and impact on this country. This poverty can force fathers to offer their loving daughters for sale in hope of giving them a better life or yes just saving the rest of the family. But the added income from coffee sales can change that.

Buying Life Wish Coffee, which gives 30% of its profits back to the people of Laos can bring about lasting change. Their goals are better meals , better schools and lastly better opportunity for income growth.

These and more changes can only take place if we decide to as the company says ” Taste a Difference, Make a Difference, One Cup at a Time”

So we just buy their Coffee? It’s that easy? Yes. But is the Coffee Good?

Laos Coffee has been around for years, introduced by the French many years ago. It has all the right elements for a great coffee, climate, elevation, volcanic soil, coffee growing knowledge, and quality plants. Put all this together and it is no surprise that Lao coffee is making an impact in the world marketplace. Japan, Korea and China would buy out the supply if they could. But many exporters have seen an ever growing market in the US, and Europe where quality coffee is truly appreciated.

Life Wish Laos has sourced only fair trade, naturally grown, and high elevation certified premium coffee. The result is not only arguably the best coffee anywhere in Laos and challenging the great coffees of the world.

One big difference is with Life Wish Coffee … You can truly Make a Difference as you Taste that Difference One Cup at a Time, knowing you are actually impact lives one person at a time, one family at a time, finally one village at a time.

  None of this happens without you and me..

Check out there Website and Facebook page

Is America running out of time?

Are you running out of time, America?

Are you repeating history?  Is this movie your showing just a remake with different characters playing modern day rolls?  America your days may well be numbered and you could be running out of time.

You can dig deep into these questions here in Jonathan Cahn’s latest book Paradigm .    Now lets look a little here.

Mystery revealed


Is there a Blueprint?

Compare recent history for America. with that of some thousands of years ago.  There was another nation warned about running out of time.  You begin to shake your head and wonder.   Even if you don’t buy into the parallel it starts you thinking.

What if your ok with everything and the changes.  Should you be concerned?  Whats in store if this continues to play out?

Is your neighbourhood safe?

What has happened to your freedoms?

Are you in America, losing your freedoms and are more threatened?  Has what was called bad or wrong, somehow become right?  Has what you once counted sacred become obsolete and outdated?  There is a blueprint you can read. Check it out for yourself click here

Have our children become a form of sacrifice ?

Once counted precious

Yes thats right that is what I said.  A sacrifice. I know we see it packaged as just an act of convenience or a choice, but.



How does it resemble an ancient practice, introduced to a nation once totally opposed to it?  Anyway don’t take my word for it  read for yourself and you decide

The Sun is setting on America

America is running out go time, it is replacing it’s former holy places and doing away with the past.  Some are happy some broken hearted.  But i maintain all will be affected.

Please read and you decide even if you don’t use my link you deserve to know the truth.

It won’t stop if you ignore it

The Power to Overcome Status Quo



You have the  Power overcome the world around you and  your own mind within you. 

The mind is intense

If you want to become what you have never been, you will need to start doing things you have never done.

You have the Power to Overcome your status quo and become so much more.  Are you looking for a change in your life?   Do you want to do things you have never done, go places you have never been?  Make money so you can impact your world or just be a better you?

None of these changes just happen?  Your currently in the Present, thinking about your Future, but often held back by your Past.  The Past is Past, the Future is Future, but the Present is now.  It is where you live where you will always live.  Yesterday is gone you can’t change it or relive it, and tomorrow never comes, it always becomes today when you get there.

So how do you make your tomorrow different than your yesterday, in what you actually do today?

Lets look at this together ok?  Walk with me for a few minutes.

Your Life is like a sculpture


Your carved out of something special

A beautiful sculpture is not made by adding, it is made by subtracting.  To achieve that new life you seek you may need to take away things as you add things.

You may be doing THINGS right, but are you doing the RIGHT things.  If they aren’t the right things they drain you.  Drain you of time, energy, resources and your attention.  It isn’t hard to grow and move forward, unless you are carrying to many things.

Chipping away

Actually many things you do you could either pay or ask someone else to do.  This week, no wait this day, today!  Make a list of your THINGS that drain you of power.

Now start with 1 and eliminate it.  Yes just one, to many and you won’t do it.  Next week another 1 and then maybe 1 more this month.  If that becomes to aggressive for you then make it 1 or 2 a month.  If you want faster results then 1 or 2 a week.   You chipping away to make that sculpture of the new you.  Often Less is actually More.

What gives you Power?

It’s all around you and within you release your Power

As you take away Things you need to add power producing actions.  Activities that make you energised.  Think about this what do you do or could you do to feel excited to wake up, get moving, make those changes.

This takes vision.  Think into your future 6 months, 1 year.  Now look back and see the best you ever, a better you, a better life.  What does it look like?  What will it take to get there?  Its not my life or your neighbours life it’s yours.  Yes you can change it.  What actions need to take place.

Power producing additions

Come back to the present.  Now let do that same thing we did above but in reverse.  What can you start doing today 1 thing that would add power or energy?  Work out, read, meditate, eat better?  Now add 2, again it can be weekly monthly.  Its up to you, how soon do you want to see real change.

What about people do you need to add or most likely subtract?  Who is adding power, who is draining you?

Taking the same path leads to the same place

Doing the same things and expecting different results is wrong

Is your life a rut?  A deep dug pathway from years of travel?  Do you really believe walking this same path, continuing the same habits will bring you the change you desire or anything different?  You already know the answer.

Make the changes I talked about above.  1 or 2 subtractions, and 1 or 2 additions and i promise you change.  In a very short time the person you see in the mirror is a new and better you.

As you strip away the negative and add in the positive you will experience something you have never experienced before.



Power to see life different, problems become opportunities, trials become learning experiences, successes become celebrations and people want to be around this new you.  You will feel more thankful, which will lead to creativity  and better relationships opening doors to new opportunities leading to that growth and change you desire.

Make these simple changes and watch your world transform before you eyes. Become that better you!

                                                      Why settle for less than your best?



Resistance bands review, Exercise Equipment you will use

Resistance Bands help you start that climb to  becoming a better you!

Strength training without weights:

These resistance bands are finally some exercise equipment you will actually use.  Lets review some resistance bands I recently purchased see how they work in a home exercise routine. Then together let me help you to start that climb toward being in better shape and becoming that better you.

Getting into better shape.

Your thinking about the right gym, the right workouts, the correct diet,  just plain where to start. Let me help you out ok?

This right here is a great and inexpensive way to start. Amazon Resistance Bands .. Yup for not a lot of money you can get this great resistance band set from Amazon sent right to your door.

Why Resistance Bands?

With no gym membership required you can rock your cardio and strength training right there at home.   Plus there are some real added health benefits.  Your entire body will get an full workout with resistance band exercises. Using the bands forces your whole body to maintain it’s stability throughout an entire exercise movement. This brings to bare multiple muscles simultaneously, so your whole body gets a workout in a short period of time. 

These bands offer you versatility
Resistance bands are one of the more versatile pieces of workout equipment, because you can adjust the resistance to suit your strength training level, use them in a variety of settings.  Indoors or out these are a great way to get moving now.

You also have reduced Injuries
Because resistance band training is a low-impact workout and is easy on your joints, you can easily avoid muscle strain issues.  Also, as you build your  stabilizer muscle strength this protects joints and keeps them pain-free even with when doing free weight training

So what does this type of training look like and why are these bands a great choice. (what age group is this for ?)

These young and middle aged people are enjoying a full body resistance bands workout.  For a harder workout, they add more bands or simply stretch the band more. You can perform the same exercise for strength with a heavy band or for endurance and conditioning with a lighter band.  The choice is yours so get started and chose whats right for you.

Age is not a factor in fact it is a great way to get a workout just right for you.

Some beginner exercises:

Ok so where do you start?  I am including a nice link to Livestrong’s suggested beginner exercises.  The use a flat band, but you can do just as easily with great versatile set.

Livestrong link with exercises

Ok now my personal review:

Ok so what do I personally think of these resistance bands

I have had this set a couple months now. I really feel like I get as good a workout in the my home anymore.  I can knock out a set every morning or night with no hassle whatsoever.  Sometimes grab them when I am just sitting around in the evening so easy to get in a few reps and I am feeling the difference.

I like the step on strap curl workout. You can even slip the band through the small strip shown which has a small ball sewn in. This lets you safely hook it  anywhere in a door frame and hold it fast while you follow the included routines and build yourself up. An added benefit is I work on arms chest and shoulders and yet can feel it in my stomach, back and legs.  It truly a whole body workout.

 Really I am telling you click on the link below head over to Amazon and pick yourself up a set. Work at your own pace with no one watching. Come on just do it you deserve that better you  your an Overcomer.

Full Resistance Band Set What are you waiting for lets get started today

What 7 steps to take to reach your Goals

Amazing future if we set our goals and walk toward them.

7 steps to reaching your goals

February 1st ,2018, can you believe January is gone?   Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.  So how are you doing on your resolutions?  Have you made plans to reach your goals and have you figured out your WHY?  Lets look at 7 steps to reaching your goals together ok?  I need this too.

Remember don’t be to busy doing things right, instead do the right things.

Take the right steps to breakout of the darkness and walk into the light

7 Steps to reaching your goal:

Step 1:  Write them down

Your goals will be more real to you.  How many times have you thought or talked about doing something and thats all that ever happens?  Yeah me too. When you write it,  include your WHY?

What you write you will remember better

Step 2:   Visualise your goal!

See yourself having reached your goal. What does that look like? What changes need to made, what changes will naturally happen because of reaching that goal?  You established your Why right?  Write that down too and  keep it in front of you daily.  Post on the bathroom mirror or night stand.  Make this a priority.G

Step 3: Right Mindset to accomplishing your 7 steps

Tell others your goals.  This actually puts more pressure on you to follow through and achieve the goals you shared.  Possibly even get an accountability person who will check in on you or you can report to about your progress.

Step 4: Start walking  those steps to your goal

.  You wrote them down now start doing them.  Yes write again,  if you need to and this time as a timeline of what needs to happen and WHEN.  Set dates to accomplish certain step in this journey.   Don’t set yourself up for procrastination or failure, set reasonable timeline goals.

Now listen to me, if you miss a timeline goal don’t give up,  just refocus get back on track and make it happen.  Remember to visualise where you never want to go back to and and then where you will be when you reach this goal.

Step 5: Find like minded people taking steps toward their goal

Encourage each other,  push each other,  be a motivation for each other.  If its physical, talk to people at the gym.  Financial, talk to others in what ever your doing.  Become a community  Climb higher as a group it’s easier and more enjoyable.  

Remember to give yourself  breather days.  This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, so set a fast pace, but a reasonable one.  We don’t want flash and burn out.  

Keeping recording progress and keep moving forward. Move as a pack keep each other going.

Step 6: Reward yourself when reaching timeline goals

Make sure when you hit sub goals, that you reward yourself .  This is a journey that you want to mark you process in.  This keeps you far more motivated when you can track and see your progress.  Also reflect on how far you have come and see again where you were, but then focus again on that goal before you. Visualise, your getting closer

Step 7: Celebrate and be joyful you made it.

Thank those who helped you along the way.

          YES You made it and not only you!

Look for ways to encourage those who may still be struggling and help others break free.  Keep those pictures of where your never going back to and keep growing better daily.  This is the better you, now enjoy it

Are there more steps sure, but most import thing is don’t fall back and if you slip refocus and stand firm.  Thanks for stopping by blessings and see you next time.


Mens walking shoe review, Skechers go walk 3, Most comfortable walking shoe

Skechers Go Walk 3

Ok Yes there is a Go Walk 4, but after reading other peoples reviews I chose this one.  It sure didn’t disappoint me either.  Being a guy 65+ with some recurring foot problem,  I needed help and this was it.  Shoe fit great and I have gotten numerous complements they could not believe it was actually a slip on.  These awesome shoes come with a special patented goga mat insole and great gripping soles on the bottom.
High Ratings and deservedly so:

Here is a review of the Best Mens Walking Shoes for 2018    

They agreed with me and rated it” most comfortable walking shoe” and then went on to actually rate it #1 overall.  I was fully convinced, so I checked around and found that Amazon had them the most competitively priced.  So with their very simple process, I ordered them and received my shoes in just a few days.   I have enjoyed them everyday since.  I have worn them to work at the office,  when going out in the evening,  actually wore them to an engagement party (mine) last week, to church and yes I walk in them a lot.

Comfort is out of this world:

Those goga mat insoles and the great fit make for what I would describe as the best shoe experience ever.

So without hesitation I really want to encourage you to click on the link below and go order your pair of Skechers and you too will be walking on clouds.

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe  

Fuji Instax Mini 9 review, Missionary Camera, the new instant photo camera craze

Review of the Fuji Instax mini 9

 The Fuji Instax Mini 9 is latest craze in instant cameras, but is it worth it?  Lets take a look, this  a great family camera, a gift, recording  wedding adventures and possibly the perfect missionary camera. With 5 cool colours you can be you in your choice. Is this the little camera that could?

Why the craze?

First many baby boomers will remember their first experience with the polaroid instant cameras with the take and shake pictures.   Ok so it was pretty cool, but honestly this Fuji Instax Mini 9 blows that away.  Great quality pictures in colour and or black and white.  You can check out the listings here:


Is it perfect?  No it has some draw backs  Indoor lighting can be a challenge. Pictures as with older polaroid lean toward the darker side.  Great in the outdoor lighting.   Make sure your settings are on bright.

Pictures are a little smaller  thus the mini concept but really a non issue.

Who’s is the Fuji Mini 9 for and whats it’s real value?

Recently saw at an engagement, many pictures printed of the couple together and hung from ribbons. Then more were added through the night was so popular, everyone seemed to love it.  Could also be a wedding party addition.  No waiting for all those great professional pictures take some with you now.

Capture the moment in the moment

Added features of the Fuji Instax Mini 9

This series also has a selfie mirror added which is a cool feature.

For the whole family

Children love this camera and it isn’t so fragile that you can’t let them use it or give to them as a gift.  They love taking pictures especially capturing embarrassing moments.  This camera actually teaches them many things including patience.  Better than a smartphone.

My Favourite use for the Fuji Instax Mini 9!

In the title I mentioned missionary use.  This is amazing.  I think every church that has a missionary out reach or sponsors them needs this camera.  It is not that expensive as I showed you .   This  camera  the  Fuji Instax mini 9  will capture those special moments and make so many memories.

I still remember handing the first picture to a local who had never seen a picture of themselves before.  They ran through the village showing everyone.  All the teeth they had left were gleaming with joy.  What a special moment.  I knew then this was something special.

Spread the word

If your reading this and you go to a church like that, encourage them to get one or maybe you can buy it and deduct it as a donation and give it to them.

A moment in time a memory for life

Other uses for the Fuji Instax Mini 9

What about the homeless, like the people missionaries often visit they can’t do digital smartphone stuff.  Take a picture of you and them of them and their dog of them and a friend.  Give them the pictures it could mean the world.

When losing friends is common place a memory can mean everything

What about Nursing homes with people who lose friends to early and would love a picture.  What about that grandma who has lost her memory give her a picture with the loved ones if and when they visit.

Do you get the picture?  This camera can be something special and create something even more special.  Buy one, give one away, make laughter come back to life.   In conclusion this is for sure the little camera that could  so now for you, just do it.

If you want  buy whole the package from Amazon,  get started now..

Ok that’s it see you on the next review..   RDD with OVS

Planting the seeds for growth

You reap what you sow?

What are you Planting Today?

Water daily for proper growth

Are you planting the seeds of growth?  What are you doing or going to do to water these seeds, to make them grow into what you want to become, to where you see yourself? Plant them daily.

Make it your goal to grow a little bit daily.

Looking up moving toward the light

We can all feel trapped at times. Like we are always looking up into the light, but unable to climb out.  Well together we can change that, we can become that better us.

So last blog we talked a little about physically growth.  This time lets talk some about our spiritual growth.  It is so important as it affects our emotional life, which can affect our physical and in the end affect our financial. So what do we do?

How do we start ?

Lets start in the beginning.  The beginning of our day that is.  What is our ritual or habit each morning?  Are we planting seeds for good growth this day?  You know if you don’t take control of your life at that first moment, the world will drain you of those new visions and goals, pulling you into, well just life.  This is critical.  Heres my list of do’s and don’t, maybe you could share yours.

  • Be thankful and just smile.  You woke up right?  Thats something to thankful for.  Set the mood for the day.
  • Yes bathroom, then drink those glasses of water
  • Relax don’t start thinking of the day yet, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, just be at peace for a bit.
  • Now for me I like reading the Psalms and Proverb of that day.  Like a cross, if we get our upward right (Psalms) our outward seems to follow( Proverbs)  How we see God effects how we see and treat others  It also effects how we see ourselves and know we were created for better than what we are now.   Be transformed daily.
  • Give your day to God and ask for guidance and assistance in accomplishing  His will and seeing people like He sees them.  Remember His will is for you to be your best. Riches are far beyond possessions, in fact be sure you possess things  and or goals or desires and they don’t possess you.
  • Now Yes Now think about what you want to accomplish today.  What are your priorities? What has to be done, you need to do and then what you would like to do.  Make a list and allocate time for each.  Again schedule your time or the world will schedule it for you.  Remember NO is not a dirty word.  Say yes to your goals and plans first and you will actually be of more value to others than always saying YES.
  • Do some simple exercises to get your blood flowing and your body functioning
  • Ok go eat and start your day.
  •  Check your emails
  •  Log into Facebook
  • Begin thinking about all the things others say you need to do or even expect of you
  • Resist letting stress and worry sneak in and steal your joy and excitement for the new you. Yesterday is gone it’s not coming back. What happened happened you can’t change that.
  • Forget or forgive what anyone has said or done that could ruin your day.  Its past it’s not you or at least not the new you.

Be at Peace with yourself and the world around you

Now let that breeze blow in your face and know you are growing better everyday.

Think of things that matter 

Lets set our minds on thinking about things that really matter in life.  Don’t get drawn into focusing on the trivial things that will all pass away in time anyway.  Build lasting value.

Take off into your future.  We can’t get anywhere if we don’t take flight, so lets spread our wings and go.




Have you done your 7 levels checkup?  If not, please see my previous blog and find your Why!   Thats your Why for all the areas you want to grow in.  Financially, physically emotionally, and spiritually.  Can you see it?  Visualise yourself where you want to be, in each of these areas of your life?

Thanks for visiting and we are going to do this..  Today ends January so no more sitting around, we have to get things done.  I’m not totally satisfied with my progress so far, but I did grow.  How did you do?  See you next time.


3 steps to better health

Where to begin?

Steps to better health

Every journey starts with taking the right steps.  So what are the rights steps to better health or at least the first ones.  As we move along this  journey you’ve joined me on, we will be growing in financial areas, physical, emotional and finally spiritual.  This time lets focus on better health ok?  I show you my 3 steps.  You with me?  Lets start walking.

                        Come on lets get going

Step #1 Get off that couch and start walking

My first step was starting to walk daily.  As I have some feet issues find the right shoe was very important.  I did my home work and checked the rating and found that Skechers had a slip on that was rated #2 overall.  Wow here in a SE Asia country where taking your shoes off before entering main places made a slip on ideal I was interested.

Next I compared prices online and found that Amazon rocked price wise.  I placed my order and within a few days these gems were delivered.
 All I can say is wow.  These are simply amazing.  They have this special insole that is called yoga mat some kinda of memory foam.  Not sure what it remembers but feels awesome.  Are my feet perfect now, No.  Can I walk further and more comfortable than before ,  Absolutely .   So this my first step toward getting in better shape.  Lets see whats I can do next.  Whats your first step?

Step #2 Japanese Water Diet

How about we try this  Japanese Water Diet.  I have  taken this as my next step.  After reading many studies this is both good for your body, and easy to do.  I can get up and  drink some water before anything else, ok after morning bathroom break lol.  Lets do this one too ok?

                       Water the elixir of life

Step #3 Quick easy work out

My last step for now in this area was to purchase one more thing from Amazon.  Yeah it is easy to purchase, quick to receive, and ok yes a little lazy.  But wait I am in Laos and send these to friend coming over, so they can bring along, not really lazy just practical.

Ok so what did I buy for better health, toning up, and losing some weigh?  These resistance bands.

They arrived last week and I have to say I love the versatility of this set.   You get 2 hand grips 2 leg straps and an over the door holding strap.  A guide book with a nice set of standard exercises and of course multiple coloured bands,  Each band has a clip at the end so you can use 1 band 2 or more to increase and control the intensity.  Have loved it so far and yes it even makes it hard for a guy like me to find excuses not to do a quick work out.   I keep you informed how I am doing.


Ok so now it’s your turn. Yes you, what steps are you going to take. Come on we can do this together and no you don’t have to go buy something like I did.  Just get up off that couch and move.  Take the first steps to that better you.


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Looking into our future


Where did the time go so quickly ?

Wow the first week is already  gone  in 2018.  As we start looking at our future, what are the steps we need to make for lasting change?

Did you make any progress this week?   Yeah me too. I gained some, but fell short in others.   So how do we improve? How do we actually reach our goals?

What usually isn’t lacking are ideas or good intentions. We all have those it seems and they usually come from  a sense of frustration, regret or just dissatisfaction of what you haven’t accomplished or what you haven’t become. Ok so actually make lasting changes to our lives?

Did you do this last year and the year before and yeah the year before that too? Lets make this year different, let’s break the mold, lets knock down those barriers that have held us back. That’s so easy to say and yet if we don’t actually set a course for achieving these things we will fall back into that same old rut called, just existing. Were better than that you know we are. Ok lets do this come on walk with me

Take a moment write your list

Make the List

Have you listed your desired changes yet? You know the New Years resolution list, the I can’t keep doing this list, the something has seriously gotta change list. If not, do that now. Ok are you back with me? Good now lets do an even more important part, lets ask ourselves that really hard question.  Why?

Find your “Why”

Why? You have admitted you want to make some changes, you want to accomplish more, you want to impact, you want a life with meaning, but what’s your why?  I recently heard a talk by Dean Graciouca of millionionaires guide, about just this question. He actually challenged us to ask 7 levels of why.

This will cause us to get past the mental and actually get to the heart of question before us.  So before you read farther will you stop and like me ask that question?   Why? maybe watch this video and learn how.

Lets move on to the 7 level deep method to get from our heads to our hearts. Did you take a few minutes to watch the video?   Thats good, ok if you didn’t I will summarise quickly. . Why do i/you want to lose weight, make more money, be less stressed? Actually I will choose just one.  

  1. Why do i want to lose weight?  I want to look and feel better?
  2. Why do i want to look and feel better?  I feel embarrassed and also know I will live longer and better if I lose weight.
  3. Why do i want to not be embarrassed and yeah live longer?  I do care what people think of me, because  as I live longer I want to be a positive influence.
  4. Why do i you want to be a positive influence?  Negative people bring  people others down and I  want to build others up.
  5. Why do i you  want to build others up?  I believe life is about encouraging those around you, making them better than they are.
  6. Why do i you want to be an encourager?  I feel it gives life true meaning and is a great reward.
  7. Why do i you want true meaning in your life?  In the past I have felt very unimportant at times and my life lacked true meaning and I don’t want that for me or others ever again.

What your why?

So thats my real why actually for many of my goals, now take a minute and do yours, please.  Ok so now whats your WHY?  yes many times is what I don’t want more than what what I do want.

Making our WHY a reality ( bringing your list to life)

Now lets turn that why into a reality? It’s a journey that seems long, but really it’s just one step at a time. But we have to take the first step. I don’t want to just give you ideas,  but an actual method and plan for success. A common statement out there is that one meaning of insanity is doing the same things we have always done and expect different results.

Tim Ferris of 4 hour workweek fame and others even talk about how thinking of the negative effects of not making these changes can be more motivating, than focusing on the positive effects. Each of us ultimatilly has to decide what drives us forward and knocks down those walls and finially set us free to reach that higher ground.

Whats your wall? Lets tear it down

If I can do this I know you can. I am absolutely committed to making real lasting change in 2018, emotionally, financially, relationally, physically andmost important to me spiritually. So what next?

Plan for that change we desire

Yes a plan. I am sure many of you have heard people say “if you fail to plan, then you actually plan to fail”. That’s not us we are doing this.

Have you set a course?

This song  Motions by Matthew West it’s lyrics  helps motivate me, maybe it will you too.

“This might hurt, it’s not safe  But I know that I’ve got to make a change.  …. Because just okay is not enough Help me fight through the nothingness of life I don’t want to go through the motions I don’t want to go one more day … I don’t want to spend my whole life asking, What if I had given everything, Instead of going through the motions? No regrets, not this time I’m going to let my heart defeat my mind “

There is so much here to grab ahold of.

  1. Change hurts
  2. Its not always safe,  playing it safe
  3. You know you have to make a change
  4. Really in some ways are we stuck in the nothingness of life
  5. Do we want to just go through the motions
  6. We need an all consuming passion inside of us
  7. Do we want to spend the rest of our lives asking
  8. What if we had given everything
  9. So come on No regrets this time
  10. Lets let our heart defeat our mind.

Are you you ready to start?


If you asked the 7 levels of Why, you know the heart issues that drive you. Now lets do this.  Are we committed?  I am and there is a sense of urgency for each of us so lets get started.

Please review this and get your list done, and answer your whys, then start making a plan. I will get back with you soon and lets go over our plans.   If some how you’re stuck then I will help you break out of that life you have decided to change. Together we are moving through that threshold and making that leap.

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