Looking into our future


Where did the time go so quickly ?

Wow the first week is already  gone  in 2018.  As we start looking at our future, what are the steps we need to make for lasting change?

Did you make any progress this week?   Yeah me too. I gained some, but fell short in others.   So how do we improve? How do we actually reach our goals?

What usually isn’t lacking are ideas or good intentions. We all have those it seems and they usually come from  a sense of frustration, regret or just dissatisfaction of what you haven’t accomplished or what you haven’t become. Ok so actually make lasting changes to our lives?

Did you do this last year and the year before and yeah the year before that too? Lets make this year different, let’s break the mold, lets knock down those barriers that have held us back. That’s so easy to say and yet if we don’t actually set a course for achieving these things we will fall back into that same old rut called, just existing. Were better than that you know we are. Ok lets do this come on walk with me

Take a moment write your list

Make the List

Have you listed your desired changes yet? You know the New Years resolution list, the I can’t keep doing this list, the something has seriously gotta change list. If not, do that now. Ok are you back with me? Good now lets do an even more important part, lets ask ourselves that really hard question.  Why?

Find your “Why”

Why? You have admitted you want to make some changes, you want to accomplish more, you want to impact, you want a life with meaning, but what’s your why?  I recently heard a talk by Dean Graciouca of millionionaires guide, about just this question. He actually challenged us to ask 7 levels of why.

This will cause us to get past the mental and actually get to the heart of question before us.  So before you read farther will you stop and like me ask that question?   Why? maybe watch this video and learn how.


Lets move on to the 7 level deep method to get from our heads to our hearts. Did you take a few minutes to watch the video?   Thats good, ok if you didn’t I will summarise quickly. . Why do i/you want to lose weight, make more money, be less stressed? Actually I will choose just one.  

  1. Why do i want to lose weight?  I want to look and feel better?
  2. Why do i want to look and feel better?  I feel embarrassed and also know I will live longer and better if I lose weight.
  3. Why do i want to not be embarrassed and yeah live longer?  I do care what people think of me, because  as I live longer I want to be a positive influence.
  4. Why do i you want to be a positive influence?  Negative people bring  people others down and I  want to build others up.
  5. Why do i you  want to build others up?  I believe life is about encouraging those around you, making them better than they are.
  6. Why do i you want to be an encourager?  I feel it gives life true meaning and is a great reward.
  7. Why do i you want true meaning in your life?  In the past I have felt very unimportant at times and my life lacked true meaning and I don’t want that for me or others ever again.
What your why?

So thats my real why actually for many of my goals, now take a minute and do yours, please.  Ok so now whats your WHY?  yes many times is what I don’t want more than what what I do want.

Making our WHY a reality ( bringing your list to life)

Now lets turn that why into a reality? It’s a journey that seems long, but really it’s just one step at a time. But we have to take the first step. I don’t want to just give you ideas,  but an actual method and plan for success. A common statement out there is that one meaning of insanity is doing the same things we have always done and expect different results.

Tim Ferris of 4 hour workweek fame and others even talk about how thinking of the negative effects of not making these changes can be more motivating, than focusing on the positive effects. Each of us ultimatilly has to decide what drives us forward and knocks down those walls and finially set us free to reach that higher ground.

Whats your wall? Lets tear it down

If I can do this I know you can. I am absolutely committed to making real lasting change in 2018, emotionally, financially, relationally, physically andmost important to me spiritually. So what next?

Plan for that change we desire

Yes a plan. I am sure many of you have heard people say “if you fail to plan, then you actually plan to fail”. That’s not us we are doing this.

Have you set a course?

This song  Motions by Matthew West it’s lyrics  helps motivate me, maybe it will you too.

“This might hurt, it’s not safe  But I know that I’ve got to make a change.  …. Because just okay is not enough Help me fight through the nothingness of life I don’t want to go through the motions I don’t want to go one more day … I don’t want to spend my whole life asking, What if I had given everything, Instead of going through the motions? No regrets, not this time I’m going to let my heart defeat my mind “

There is so much here to grab ahold of.

  1. Change hurts
  2. Its not always safe,  playing it safe
  3. You know you have to make a change
  4. Really in some ways are we stuck in the nothingness of life
  5. Do we want to just go through the motions
  6. We need an all consuming passion inside of us
  7. Do we want to spend the rest of our lives asking
  8. What if we had given everything
  9. So come on No regrets this time
  10. Lets let our heart defeat our mind.
Are you you ready to start?

If you asked the 7 levels of Why, you know the heart issues that drive you. Now lets do this.  Are we committed?  I am and there is a sense of urgency for each of us so lets get started.

Please review this and get your list done, and answer your whys, then start making a plan. I will get back with you soon and lets go over our plans.   If some how you’re stuck then I will help you break out of that life you have decided to change. Together we are moving through that threshold and making that leap.

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