Is America running out of time?

Are you running out of time, America?

Are you repeating history?  Is this movie your showing just a remake with different characters playing modern day rolls?  America your days may well be numbered and you could be running out of time.

You can dig deep into these questions here in Jonathan Cahn’s latest book Paradigm .    Now lets look a little here.

Mystery revealed


Is there a Blueprint?

Compare recent history for America. with that of some thousands of years ago.  There was another nation warned about running out of time.  You begin to shake your head and wonder.   Even if you don’t buy into the parallel it starts you thinking.

What if your ok with everything and the changes.  Should you be concerned?  Whats in store if this continues to play out?

Is your neighbourhood safe?

What has happened to your freedoms?

Are you in America, losing your freedoms and are more threatened?  Has what was called bad or wrong, somehow become right?  Has what you once counted sacred become obsolete and outdated?  There is a blueprint you can read. Check it out for yourself click here

Have our children become a form of sacrifice ?

Once counted precious

Yes thats right that is what I said.  A sacrifice. I know we see it packaged as just an act of convenience or a choice, but.



How does it resemble an ancient practice, introduced to a nation once totally opposed to it?  Anyway don’t take my word for it  read for yourself and you decide

The Sun is setting on America

America is running out go time, it is replacing it’s former holy places and doing away with the past.  Some are happy some broken hearted.  But i maintain all will be affected.

Please read and you decide even if you don’t use my link you deserve to know the truth.

It won’t stop if you ignore it

Mens walking shoe review, Skechers go walk 3, Most comfortable walking shoe

Skechers Go Walk 3

Ok Yes there is a Go Walk 4, but after reading other peoples reviews I chose this one.  It sure didn’t disappoint me either.  Being a guy 65+ with some recurring foot problem,  I needed help and this was it.  Shoe fit great and I have gotten numerous complements they could not believe it was actually a slip on.  These awesome shoes come with a special patented goga mat insole and great gripping soles on the bottom.
High Ratings and deservedly so:

Here is a review of the Best Mens Walking Shoes for 2018    

They agreed with me and rated it” most comfortable walking shoe” and then went on to actually rate it #1 overall.  I was fully convinced, so I checked around and found that Amazon had them the most competitively priced.  So with their very simple process, I ordered them and received my shoes in just a few days.   I have enjoyed them everyday since.  I have worn them to work at the office,  when going out in the evening,  actually wore them to an engagement party (mine) last week, to church and yes I walk in them a lot.

Comfort is out of this world:

Those goga mat insoles and the great fit make for what I would describe as the best shoe experience ever.

So without hesitation I really want to encourage you to click on the link below and go order your pair of Skechers and you too will be walking on clouds.

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe  

Fuji Instax Mini 9 review, Missionary Camera, the new instant photo camera craze

Review of the Fuji Instax mini 9

 The Fuji Instax Mini 9 is latest craze in instant cameras, but is it worth it?  Lets take a look, this  a great family camera, a gift, recording  wedding adventures and possibly the perfect missionary camera. With 5 cool colours you can be you in your choice. Is this the little camera that could?

Why the craze?

First many baby boomers will remember their first experience with the polaroid instant cameras with the take and shake pictures.   Ok so it was pretty cool, but honestly this Fuji Instax Mini 9 blows that away.  Great quality pictures in colour and or black and white.  You can check out the listings here:


Is it perfect?  No it has some draw backs  Indoor lighting can be a challenge. Pictures as with older polaroid lean toward the darker side.  Great in the outdoor lighting.   Make sure your settings are on bright.

Pictures are a little smaller  thus the mini concept but really a non issue.

Who’s is the Fuji Mini 9 for and whats it’s real value?

Recently saw at an engagement, many pictures printed of the couple together and hung from ribbons. Then more were added through the night was so popular, everyone seemed to love it.  Could also be a wedding party addition.  No waiting for all those great professional pictures take some with you now.

Capture the moment in the moment

Added features of the Fuji Instax Mini 9

This series also has a selfie mirror added which is a cool feature.

For the whole family

Children love this camera and it isn’t so fragile that you can’t let them use it or give to them as a gift.  They love taking pictures especially capturing embarrassing moments.  This camera actually teaches them many things including patience.  Better than a smartphone.

My Favourite use for the Fuji Instax Mini 9!

In the title I mentioned missionary use.  This is amazing.  I think every church that has a missionary out reach or sponsors them needs this camera.  It is not that expensive as I showed you .   This  camera  the  Fuji Instax mini 9  will capture those special moments and make so many memories.

I still remember handing the first picture to a local who had never seen a picture of themselves before.  They ran through the village showing everyone.  All the teeth they had left were gleaming with joy.  What a special moment.  I knew then this was something special.

Spread the word

If your reading this and you go to a church like that, encourage them to get one or maybe you can buy it and deduct it as a donation and give it to them.

A moment in time a memory for life

Other uses for the Fuji Instax Mini 9

What about the homeless, like the people missionaries often visit they can’t do digital smartphone stuff.  Take a picture of you and them of them and their dog of them and a friend.  Give them the pictures it could mean the world.

When losing friends is common place a memory can mean everything

What about Nursing homes with people who lose friends to early and would love a picture.  What about that grandma who has lost her memory give her a picture with the loved ones if and when they visit.

Do you get the picture?  This camera can be something special and create something even more special.  Buy one, give one away, make laughter come back to life.   In conclusion this is for sure the little camera that could  so now for you, just do it.

If you want  buy whole the package from Amazon,  get started now..

Ok that’s it see you on the next review..   RDD with OVS