What 7 steps to take to reach your Goals

Amazing future if we set our goals and walk toward them.

7 steps to reaching your goals

February 1st ,2018, can you believe January is gone?   Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.  So how are you doing on your resolutions?  Have you made plans to reach your goals and have you figured out your WHY?  Lets look at 7 steps to reaching your goals together ok?  I need this too.

Remember don’t be to busy doing things right, instead do the right things.

Take the right steps to breakout of the darkness and walk into the light

7 Steps to reaching your goal:

Step 1:  Write them down

Your goals will be more real to you.  How many times have you thought or talked about doing something and thats all that ever happens?  Yeah me too. When you write it,  include your WHY?

What you write you will remember better

Step 2:   Visualise your goal!

See yourself having reached your goal. What does that look like? What changes need to made, what changes will naturally happen because of reaching that goal?  You established your Why right?  Write that down too and  keep it in front of you daily.  Post on the bathroom mirror or night stand.  Make this a priority.G

Step 3: Right Mindset to accomplishing your 7 steps

Tell others your goals.  This actually puts more pressure on you to follow through and achieve the goals you shared.  Possibly even get an accountability person who will check in on you or you can report to about your progress.

Step 4: Start walking  those steps to your goal

.  You wrote them down now start doing them.  Yes write again,  if you need to and this time as a timeline of what needs to happen and WHEN.  Set dates to accomplish certain step in this journey.   Don’t set yourself up for procrastination or failure, set reasonable timeline goals.

Now listen to me, if you miss a timeline goal don’t give up,  just refocus get back on track and make it happen.  Remember to visualise where you never want to go back to and and then where you will be when you reach this goal.

Step 5: Find like minded people taking steps toward their goal

Encourage each other,  push each other,  be a motivation for each other.  If its physical, talk to people at the gym.  Financial, talk to others in what ever your doing.  Become a community  Climb higher as a group it’s easier and more enjoyable.  

Remember to give yourself  breather days.  This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, so set a fast pace, but a reasonable one.  We don’t want flash and burn out.  

Keeping recording progress and keep moving forward. Move as a pack keep each other going.

Step 6: Reward yourself when reaching timeline goals

Make sure when you hit sub goals, that you reward yourself .  This is a journey that you want to mark you process in.  This keeps you far more motivated when you can track and see your progress.  Also reflect on how far you have come and see again where you were, but then focus again on that goal before you. Visualise, your getting closer

Step 7: Celebrate and be joyful you made it.

Thank those who helped you along the way.

          YES You made it and not only you!

Look for ways to encourage those who may still be struggling and help others break free.  Keep those pictures of where your never going back to and keep growing better daily.  This is the better you, now enjoy it

Are there more steps sure, but most import thing is don’t fall back and if you slip refocus and stand firm.  Thanks for stopping by blessings and see you next time.


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