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Are you running out of time, America?

Are you repeating history?  Is this movie your showing just a remake with different characters playing modern day rolls?  America your days may well be numbered and you could be running out of time.

You can dig deep into these questions here in Jonathan Cahn’s latest book Paradigm .    Now lets look a little here.

Mystery revealed


Is there a Blueprint?

Compare recent history for America. with that of some thousands of years ago.  There was another nation warned about running out of time.  You begin to shake your head and wonder.   Even if you don’t buy into the parallel it starts you thinking.

What if your ok with everything and the changes.  Should you be concerned?  Whats in store if this continues to play out?

Is your neighbourhood safe?

What has happened to your freedoms?

Are you in America, losing your freedoms and are more threatened?  Has what was called bad or wrong, somehow become right?  Has what you once counted sacred become obsolete and outdated?  There is a blueprint you can read. Check it out for yourself click here

Have our children become a form of sacrifice ?

Once counted precious

Yes thats right that is what I said.  A sacrifice. I know we see it packaged as just an act of convenience or a choice, but.



How does it resemble an ancient practice, introduced to a nation once totally opposed to it?  Anyway don’t take my word for it  read for yourself and you decide

The Sun is setting on America

America is running out go time, it is replacing it’s former holy places and doing away with the past.  Some are happy some broken hearted.  But i maintain all will be affected.

Please read and you decide even if you don’t use my link you deserve to know the truth.

It won’t stop if you ignore it
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